Sunday, November 29, 2009

Very behind....

Where to begin...

A lot of fun has happened in the last few weeks, which means while it was all worth blogging about, I didn't find the time.  So, my birthday was wonderful.  So far, 29 is going to be a good year.

First of all, my birthday got started early due to getting to leave work early. (Yay!)  I got home and my presents from my sweet, wonderful husband were on the dining table.  So, as soon as Matt got home from work (and no kidding by as soon as he walked in the door), I wanted to open the gifts and all the cards that my family sent in the mail (I have such great Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and friends).  Matt did really well this year (he is a great gift giver!).

Matt got me a sewing machine!  I am very excited about this.  My great Aunt Daisy and great Aunt Louise taught me how to sew one summer when I was about 10.  They were so talented and very patient as they taught me to make a pillow cover and a dress.  My mom is also a great, talented seamstress who has made many clothes, curtains, pillows, etc.  Finally, my Nanny (grandmother), also a talented seamstress made my sister and I pretty girly dresses along with dresses for our cabbage patch dolls when we were growing up.

Among other gifts, he got me a pharmacy to go along with my other pharmacies of Chirstmas villages.  I have now collected 6 pharmacies and of them, Matt has given me at least half. 

After I opened my presents, we went out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant which did not disappoint.  (Italian food is my abosolute favorite!)  My best friend, Ali, and her husband, Mark, joined us for dinner.  Ali and I grew up in the same church and have been friends for so long.  I'm so lucky to have such a great best friend!  And, of course, Ali also did so well in the gift department with an Ann Taylor sweater and smaller crock pot for dips (I always borrow hers).

Well, it's not me in the picture but this is the sweater.  Ali has such great taste and she knows me well.  I liked it so well that I had to buy it as a gift for someone else.  Can't say who in case they are reading the blog.

Finally, we made it back home and waited for my parents to arrive.

My parents came with more gifts. 

I got a great table for tailgating and parties.  I've been wanting one and will be excited to use it! 

Also, my parents got me something to get me started with decorating for Christmas.  Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love Christmas! 

I had such a wonderful weekend with my family and friends.  We were busy all weekend and I feel like the best present of the whole weekend was the quality time I got with everyone.  Unfortunately, I don't have pictures to share.  I tried to get the camera out on my birthday but the batteries were dead.  Then, the rest of the weekend, I kept forgetting.  Friday night, my mom and dad took all of us out of a wonderful dinner.  Matt and I came back and we played cards with my parents.  We love to play Rook with my mom and dad.  Unfortunately, they won but it was just luck!  :-)  Saturday morning,  my mom and I started early trying to shop and then we hosted a big tailgate party here for the VT game.  Thankfully, the Hokies won!  In the midst of the all the business of the weekend, my mom worked with me and helped me get started with the new sewing machine.  My mom and I played around with it and within a few minutes, I was ready to get serious and make a pillow for the guest bedroom. 

My parents had to leave early Sunday morning.  Although, the weekend didn't stop for Matt and I.  We had our first Thanksgiving dinner of 3.  We had a fun time with our friends enjoying home-cooked meals and drinks.  Unfortunatly, I didn't take pictures!  Thanks Dave and Lyndsay for hosting such a fun time.

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