Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Birth Week

My birthday is on Thursday, November 12. 

Tonight, I started the celebrating. (Anthropologie, one of my favorite stores, sent me a birthday candle necklace and a coupon to use for my birthday so I thought the necklace was fitting to wear tonight).  As we got ready to leave the house tonight, Matt grabbed the camera.  He said he looked today and noticed I hadn't blogged in a while.  :-)   So, thanks to him, I actually have pictures.

Anyways, tonight was quite the celebration!  Matt's dad and mom (Dick and Debbie Wheawill) made me the most delicious dinner.  It seems that they started this tradition when Matt and I were dating.  We had salad and chicken cacciatore.  I requested it this year and it was definitely delicious.  Then, for dessert, we had a yummy apple dessert made with pie pastry, toasted pecan, and caramel sauce that was topped with vanilla ice cream.  Yum!!

I got some great presents.  Debbie gave me a pin that is in the shape of a crown to wear to be "Queen for the Day."  Also, I got a necklace to wear for Thanksgiving.  I had to participate in a tradition within Matt's family where you get several gifts but have a make a choice.  So, I received a very nice turtle neck sweater from Ann Taylor (one of my faovirte stores) and a black pashmina scarf (so soft).  Oh, and my cute Christmas napkins with the "W" on them.  (I absolutely love everything about Christmas and can't wait to start decorating but it has to wait until after Thanksgiving.  Of course, that means the day after Thanksgiving!)  Matt's sister got me a VT plate (I had the same one previously and loved keeping it out on my kitchen counter until I broke it.).  This is funny to me because last year at Chirstmas Matt's sister replaced another plate that I broke.  So, thank goodness I have a sister-in-law to fix my clumsiness! 

I am so lucky to have married the man of my dreams and to have such a loving, smart, handsome husband who loves me and shows me everyday.  In addition, I feel extremely blessed to have married into the Wheawill family and to have my father-,mother-, and sister-in-law.

Tonight was a fun night!  I look forward to having my parents visit this weekend.

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