Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Matt and I had such a fun time celebrating Thanksgiving with the Wheawill family.  We got started last weekend, on Saturday, when Matt's parents (Dick and Debbie) hosted dinner at their house for all of Debbie's family.  Matt's sister, Courtney, was able to come home for the weekend.  We had such a fun time visiting with the family and eating the delicious food. 

Debbie made the most delicious dessert.  I was happy to be able to bring home some leftovers! 

I managed to be lucky enough to have Thursday off work and since Dick and Debbie worked so hard on the big dinner for the family, I offered to cook here for the 4 of us.  I can't take credit for the dinner.  Matt is a great cook and he helped the whole time.  We cooked our first turkey (and it was a success).  It was fun getting to cook my traditional thanksgiving dinner with the sides that my mom made us growing up.  I have so much be thankful for.  I have such a wonderful life that should not be taken for granted.  Thanksgiving has always been special to me.  This thanksgiving was a little different, being away from my family and I missed everyone back in Grundy. I'm really into traditions and Thanksgiving meant spending it with my dad's family.  My Papaw put so much effort into it every year.  My Mamaw would make some sides but he would finish it off.  It truly was his holiday.  After he wasn't able to do all the effort and planning, my mom took it on and she made everything just like Papaw did.  I so much appreciate that.  So, to this day, it's just not thanksgiving without of course the turkey, gravy, and Mamaw's stuffing, but also some sort of relish tray (I had deviled eggs), corn pudding, greeen beans, mashed potatoes and rolls.  Papaw had more sides than that.  He tended to go overboard (I guess I got that after him!).  Even though he passed away about 5 years ago, every Thanksgiving I can't help but remember helping with the preparing, sitting at the dinner table (right beside him of course), and watching him smile as he enjoyed visiting with his son and daughter in law from out of town (my Uncle Rob and Aunt Susan).  Papaw was such a special person and he definitly spoiled Meredith and I rotten.  I'm so thankful to have been able to have so many years of my life with Papaw and will always be thankful for all the memories! 

It's been a wonderful holiday.  I am thankful that Matt and I both have family traditions and it's fun to share them and also start our very own traditions.

Wally has throughly enjoyed Thanksgiving as he has been eating on his scraps.  He is one stuffed Turkey himself! 

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