Monday, August 19, 2013

Grundy Trip

Charlie spent a week with his Pops and Mim and he had a BLAST!  

He was way too busy to talk to me other than to say Hi and tell me what he was doing at the moment.  He did not ask or cry for us anytime the whole week.  :-)

They were busy during the week going to the library, school, park, church, etc.  He got to hang out some with his Aunt Meredith.  I don't know what his favorite part of the week was but I think it had something to do with getting to take Kaiser on walks.

Matt and I went this weekend to visit and pick the boy up.  We went to Cuz's.  Yum!  Charlie was impressed with the décor. 
We went back to the park so Charlie could show us the best playground equipment.  I absolutely love the Poplar Gap Park. 

We had a pretty good trip home.  Charlie was excited to get home and back to some of his toys. 
Now, we are all adjusting to the work week and trying to get back into the routine.  :-)

Thanks Mim and Pops for keeping our boy! 

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