Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Charlie is pretty funny these days.  He has lots to say and I find most of his comments pretty funny these days. 

Just a few weeks ago, he was visiting his Grammie and Papa.  Charlie had a good dinner and was really good for them so Grammie thought he deserved some dessert so she offered him Oreos or M&Ms.  Charlie thought long and hard and chose Oreos.  Once he was done, he decided he would rather have the M&Ms.

Charlie came home from school this week singing a special song.  It went something like..
Chop It, Chop It
Eat It, Eat it (with hand motions to go with it)
Peanut Butter
and Jelly!
I tried to get him to sing it for the camera.

These days, Charlie's favorite TV show is Mickey's Clubhouse.  He wants to watch Mickey everyday when he gets in.  He starts it out with Mickey, saying "Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse".  Then when Mickey needs help, Mickey says "Oh Toodles" and always requests help.  Charlie yells proudly "NOODLES" every time! 

Charlie loves to watch You Tube videos.  It's part of bedtime routine.  We let him to get to pick a couple of short ones.  If he tries to pick a long one, we may or may not say that they are broken!  :-)  Some of them are pretty educational.  He loves these videos about shapes and letters.  He also loves these videos that we came across that have a kid in it named Charlie.  Recently, he found some Thomas videos.  One is a song called "Never Give Up".  Tonight after he watched it, he turned to me and said "I like that song". 

Some of what he will tell you is true.  Some, well....  I'll let you decide.  :-)

Charlie loves to give a little commentary on what's going on.  So, while with Mim and Pops, he was doing his normal and talking about Pops driving which sparked a conversation that my Dad found HILARIOUS! 
Charlie: Daddo drives his car.
Pops:  He does?  Does Mommy drive too?
Charlie:  Yes
Pops:  Is Daddo a good driver?
Charlie:  Yes
Pops:  Is Mommy a good driver?
Charlie:  Nope

Charlie told Mim....Mommy says Cock a doodle do. 

Charlie has been talking about hair lately.  He's very observant.  The other night, one of my long hairs was on the side of the bathtub and I told him that it was a Mommy hair because it was so long.  He said, "Daddo doesn't have hair?"  I explained that Daddo has hair, it's just short and not long like Mommy.  Well, last night, he was really examining Matt's hair.  I happened to catch it on video.  :-)
I'm sure I'm forgetting half the stories but I have to write these down before I forget them.
I love this boy so very much.  

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