Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where did the weekend go?

It seems that it's that time where we are getting ready to wind down and are ready for the week.  Our weekend went too fast, but I have a feeling this is going to be the way it is going to be for a while.  I will anxiously await the weekend for more time with my boys and they will all go fast. 

My first week of full time went excellent.  It was hard to be away from Charlie and by Thursday, I was ready to be at home and spend more time with him.  However, I will say on the bright side of things, it was a great week.  The mornings and evenings went well.  Daycare was wonderful.  I had a good work week.  Charlie transitioned into our new schedule well and they ladies at daycare are already in love with my sweet boy.  The only part that could have been better is the sleep situation but at this point, I am starting to accept that it's not going to change overnight and it's going to take weeks.

Friday, Charlie's daycare report said he had been sneezing a lot.  Friday night about midnight, Charlie was up and wasn't his normal.  He had a runny nose, goopy eyes, and felt hot so I took his temp and he did have a slight fever.  Daycare crud, already?  Luckily, Saturday morning the fever was gone but the congestion was not.  Matt's parents had asked to keep their grandson this weekend so we planned early in the week for Charlie to visit on Saturday.  Charlie apparently did great for them and the congestion was better through the day.  Here's some pics from Charlie's visit at Grandpa and Grammie's house.
I missed my boy a lot on Saturday and was excited to get back to him and must admit that I couldn't wait for our day together on Sunday. What can I say other than I am missing our time together and the transitioning has definitely been harder on me than it has been on Matt and Charlie. This morning, Charlie woke up though and his congestion was back and he was not himself. Matt and I aren't sure what is going on. He doesn't have a fever but he is super fussy and has wanted to sleep a lot today. Not our ideal day for sure, but we are hoping that tomorrow he will feel better.

We did manage to have some fun with the Hamricks today, despite Charlie's mood.
Charlie tried out Wyatt's jumperoo and I think he's a fan.  I know he would have loved it more if he felt better. 

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