Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet the Greats

that is...the Great-Grandparents.

Mim, Charlie and I did some traveling this past weekend.  We made it a long weekend and set off to see some family in Kentucky.  We left Wednesday after work.  We went about halfway since it's about a 9 hour trip and that helped break the trip up. 

Wednesday night, something very strange happened though and something I thought I might not see for years.  Charlie slept through the night!!  From 9pm until 6:15am and that is definitely worth bragging about (the problem is that he hasn't repeated it since but we'll work on that).  I woke up and couldn't believe it and neither could my mom. 

Our first stop was to go to Verona Kentucky which is outside of Cincinnati.  We went to see my Grandpa Bill and Nanny.
Four generation picture:
They were both so excited to see him and met us at the car as soon as we got there. Of course, they both wanted to hold Charlie right away.

Nanny made Charlie this stocking for Christmas. 
Charlie and I played in this recliner. 
I had to show it to him.  My sister and I used to go straight for the recliner and then 'take turns' sitting in it when we were there.
We spent a lot of time visiting and catching up. The visit was short but we had to make our way to Berea, Kentucky to see more family.
Charlie met his Great-Grandpa.
We had a nice visit on Saturday with some of the rest of the Stephens clan. 
Charlie met his Uncle Stevie (well, that's what I call him).  Uncle Stevie actually goes by Noel to everyone outside of the family. 
Charlie got held and cuddles from his Aunt Margaret
and his Aunt Mere.
He met his Aunt Elaine, my grandma's sister. 
 and Estes.
Charlie had a great day meeting everyone but I think it did wear him out.  He was such a great napper all day and slept at great times, like during dinner and other moments.  He just slept wherever we put him down.
Thanks to Mim for all the help with Charlie and riding with us.  He did pretty great in the car.  By the end of the trip, he was done with traveling but who could blame him.  I'm so glad we made the trip and were able to see everyone but it may be a while before we will do another long trip like that again.  We had such a nice time and will now have to get back into our routine of the work week. 

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