Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vacation Post

We had a nice Memorial Day weekend away with Matt's parents, who took us up to New England to the Berkshires in Hancock, Massachusetts. We left Wednesday evening and came home Monday. This was a gift to Matt for his 30th birthday, and I was lucky enough to join them.

We had a nice time with plenty of time to relax, visit with one another, and also see some of the areas surrounding.  We flew in and out of Albany, NY.  Matt's parents were nice enough to carry our bags since they drove.  It was wonderful to just hop on and off the plane and not have to worry about checking our bags.

We even had time to work puzzles.

We saw the Summitt and got a breathtaking view.

The resort was nice.  It is definitely great for skiers as there were ski lifts right on the property.  Also, there were 2 nice pools and some hot tubs, which sadly I didn't ever go to.  (I got a little sunburn from the pool which so sitting in a hot tub wasn't quite as appealing.)  Oh, and we saw a fox.  Matt's mom spotted it in a distance, and I got so excited but couldn't quite get the picture taken in time to actually get him.  He's in the left bottom of this pic...I'm so bummed that I didn't get the picture in time.

Matt and his dad went to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.  They enjoyed themselves.  I don't have any pictures to share but I did get one on their way out the door.

We spent a day in Boston and really tried to take full advantage of our day.  We followed the Freedom Trail around Boston.  Since I was the only one that hadn't done this before, I would say I had excellent tour guides.  We had lunch in the North End of Boston in Little Italy and the pizza was delicious.  We were fortunate to get to see Matt's good friend, Matt Kidd while we were there. 

After spending the day seeing the city, we went to Fenway.  Matt converted me pretty early to being a Red Sox fan.  I have been fortunate to see the Red Sox play several times but this was my first Fenway experience. 

Thanks Pops and Mom Wheawill for a great time and fun vacation.

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