Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Vegas, Baby!

We just got back from vacation with the Stokes/Hamrick family in Las Vegas family on Wednesday night. We had such a fabulous trip that it was hard to return back to the real world and the humidity. The heat was around 100 but it was very much bareable, unlike Virginia where it's been pretty much miserable since we got back. We may have been a little jet lagged but have definitely used this weekend to catch up on some much needed rest, and also the oh-not-so-desirable chores.

Here are parts of our trips and the other parts, you ask?! Well, you know the saying...What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

While we were there, we did partake in the amazing buffets and stuffed ourselves silly. Here's what happens after too many buffets:
Just kidding!  I'm so excited about the baby and I tried my best to be protective over Ali, making sure to get her to sit as much as possible.  She was a real trooper though and did great on the trip.  I hope she isn't too worn out now though.

We traveled to Red Rock Canyon and I got some pretty cool pictures.  It was really amazing.

We could have seen...

We did see...
spectacular sights of the canyons,
the red rocks,
and a roaming burro,
Also, we tried a new restaurant, Roy's, that was definitely a favorite.  It was new to us.  Everyone else had been to it before.  Jessie, Ali's sister, was the one that introduced it as she has been living in Hawaii.  So, for Bill's, Daddy Stokes, birthday and fathers day, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner.  They have one in Baltimore so maybe we can make a trip back.

Here are some pictures of the strip.  We enjoyed walking around the hotels.  We didn't make it to all of them, but I think we did pretty well. 

Some at night...

The botanical gardens inside the Bellagio...
Ceasar @ Ceasar's
Here is the only picture that I got of old Las Vegas.  Didn't make it to get a picture under the arch. 

We went down there one night for some cheap gambling and walked away with some wins.  No, we aren't able to retire or even pay for our trip, but it was fun.

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