Friday, May 28, 2010

Things that make ME happy!

Kelly's Korner is hosting a "Show Us Your Life" blog post that I think is appropriate for me.  Tonight I'm a little sad as my grandmother is very sick and on my mind, and I could definitely use these happy thoughts.

So, what make me happy?  So many things, but here are a few.  I'll have to upload my pictures later, but here's my short list:

-  My husband.  The best day of my life was marrying you, my dear.

-  My family.   I have the best parents, sister, aunts, uncles, cousin, and grandparents.  (I Love You, Grandma.  You are weighing heavy on my heart and I wish I could be there with you but I don't want you to suffer.  I know you will be my angel.)  I also was blessed to marry into a wonderful family who I adore. 

- My friends of course.  All the laughs, shoulders to cry on, a great support for me during the fun times and the harder ones.

- Wally.

-  The thought of being a mom one day.

-  Christmas time.  Everything about it from the real reason of the season, decorations, Christmas music, etc.

-  The beach or even the sun.  So relaxing....

-  Vacation and traveling.

-  Italian food.  I had some wonderful clams and linguine with red sauce tonight.

-  Virginia Tech football and Frank Beamer.

-  Shopping.

-  My house after its good and clean.

-  Clean sheets.

-  Scented candles.

-  Diet coke.

-  A real good girly movie.

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  1. 'm currently enjoying Law & Order marathons ~one of my things that make me happy!

    I hope you and your family have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!