Sunday, May 16, 2010

In need of a new blog post....

It's been forever since I've posted any updates on the blog. The problem is that we've been very busy but I have not had the camera out. I take it everywhere we go, it seems, but no pictures get taken. I need to be better about that. So, I'm going to put the last 3 weeks into one blog and then hopefully I will do better about updating.

The month of April flew by and now the month of May is almost gone. Matt and I took off to go see my grandparents a few weeks ago. It was a little unexpected as we ended up going because Grandma got some discouraging news. I was so happy that we got a quality visit with Grandma and for all those times that she took very good care of me and spoiled me, I was able to help take care of her. Grandma seems to be feeling slightly better than she was a few weeks ago and I'm hoping to make another trip to see her soon.

We also traveled to Baltimore to see the Red Sox, which got swept by the Orioles. That part wasn't the best but getting to see them was fun. Matt and I have a tradition that he started of going to a Red Sox game in Baltimore every year. We got to the Saturday night game together and then Sunday his parents join us. I have to stay that every year I have such a good time and of course, I love that Matt and I share same enjoyment with his parents.  Unfortunately, this is the only picture we took and it's not very flattering of me.

We are also very excited that Matt's sister is now a Richmonder. She has been in Charlotte, NC and a new job brought her back here. It's been fun and exciting for the family for her not to be so far away. Welcome Home, Courtney!!  We have enjoyed seeing you this weekend and are excited that we will get to spend more time with you on a regular basis.

Also, I think I'm not going to get in trouble with telling my other exciting news. My best friend, Ali, is pregnant. I'm excited for Mark and Ali and know they will be great parents. Since Ali and I have truly grown up together in the same church and went to the same high school, being best friends for so many years, I really think of her more like a sister. I definitely feel like a proud Aunt. Ali's so cute pregnant. We have a few friends that have little munchkins running around a bunch of friends that are expecting and I will admit that the baby bug has definitely bitten me. Timing isn't perfect though so we'll continue enjoy our independence and our time with one another. Plus, Wally is totally fine with being an only child. ;-)

I think I'm going to wrap this one up. I will try to do much better.

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