Friday, September 27, 2013

I love Fall!

Sunday was the first day of Fall and it made me so happy!  Speaking of Sunday, here a couple of pictures of my handsome mini-Matt after church.

Anyways, Matt told me that a girl at his work said that she hated Fall.  Who hates Fall?  He told her that his wife and her would not be friends!  She actually said she doesn't like the scents of Fall things.  What!??!! 

I have my décor inside and out and just tonight, Charlie read some Halloween stories.  We don't have a costume yet.  Over the last couple weeks, we've had some delicious soups and chili for dinner!  We've been watching some football around here. :-)  Charlie likes to watch the games and he likes to point out when the players "lay down" on the field.  I guess he thinks getting tackled is lazy.  He loves to find Coach Beamer.  He got to meet him this summer and it's really made an impression on him.

We've been playing outside a lot. 
I love this weather.  Charlie loves to play with his basketball goal, baseball, "blue truck" (aka powerwheels 4-wheeler) and tricycle. 
He also is happy to just run around and find sticks! 
Sometimes it turns into an issue though when Wally wants the stick.

This is a wonderful time of year and we have a lot planned over the next several weekends.  Our weekends are going to be busy through the end of October!  Tonight, we got to go to Family Fun Day at church.  I didn't take pictures but Charlie got to play in the bounce house, have his face painted for the first time (he picked out a football) and get a balloon.  I would say that all of those things made it a success!
Happy Fall Y'all!

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