Sunday, September 8, 2013

Beach 2013

We made it home safely after a nice week in Hilton Head.  It was our first time going and I think we'll be back again.  It was wonderful. 

The surf is definitely not rough and more like a lake than an ocean.  Perfect for a 2 year old!  It's not as touristy as other beaches and the house we stayed at was amazing.  We weren't right on the ocean but we had a some great views and were only a short walk away.
    Wally enjoyed the views too!

Charlie thoroughly enjoyed his time.  He loved the pool,
staying up way past his bedtime (9:30ish most nights),

getting attention from so many family members,

Funny story: Charlie saw Uncle Rob for the first time and he said "He looks like Pops!".  I tried to explain that he was Pops' brother but anytime Charlie saw Uncle Rob and Pops wasn't around, he always needed to make a comment about Pops. 

the beach,
I wish we could take credit for this sand castle!
the ocean,
and playing in the sand. 

He thought the sand was dirty but building castles was pretty cool.  Charlie got to fly a Kite thanks to my Uncle Rob. 

Matt and I definitely feel that this was a memorable week with Charlie.  I loved every second and feel that I did a pretty good job capturing a few moments.  We went on bike rides
and even rode over to find the playground equipment at the park closeby. 
We also got a chance to sit back and relax which is just what we desired to do. 
We had such a nice time with our family. 
Meredith, Drew and Uncle Brian got to go kayaking but Matt and I just weren't able to fit it this trip.

I miss my morning walk and these views. 

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