Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow and Massanutten

Last weekend, we finally got some snow.  It was wonderful.  It started coming down Thursday after we were all home for the evening and it was beautiful.  It came quickly and melted quickly which is how I like it. 
Friday morning, Matt, Charlie and I headed to Massanutten to spend time with the Wheawill's.  On the way, Charlie decided that he would try out his new DVD player that was a gift from Pops and Mim.  He was excited to watch the choo choo or Thomas and it did provide a little bit of distraction from having to be in the car.  However, after 2 hours, he was ready to be there and we were so it was perfect!

We had such a nice time.  I love Massanutten for many reasons but I like that it's far enough to get away but not so far that it takes a days worth of driving.  There are so many activities and we didn't even do half of them but managed to fill up our days having fun and relaxing.
Charlie enjoyed the indoor swimming pool.  I think he's getting too big for his float.  While he was content in it, he really just wanted to be out and swimming.  He didn't even want to stay in our arms so I think we will need to look for some sort of float device that makes him feel a little more independent.  (These days, this boy is definitely showing his independence but that's for another blog!)  Anyways, he had a blast and got to go twice while we were there.
Matt and I went tubing for a couple of hours so we talked Aunt Kneeknee and Grandpa and Grammie to come down and bring Charlie for a few pictures.  He wasn't all that impressed with the snow and I think he was just ready to go play.  Anyways, Matt and I had a blast tubing!
Matt and I also skied.  For Matt, it was his first time and for me, it was my first time in about 12 years.  I picked it up quickly and soon remembered how much I loved it.  Matt did not like it at all.

Charlie was super impressed with the jacuzzi tub.

We sat around by the fire and relaxed. 
I found it relaxing doing puzzles, drinking wine and listening to music on Saturday afternoon.  We ate a lot of good food.  All in all, I would say it just went by too quickly.  We had such a good time.  Thank you Grandpa and Grammie for inviting us and even giving up the master bedroom for us.  Also, thanks for the pictures since most of these are ones you took.  I'm looking forward to future years at Massanutten but I think I'm going to need to find a ski partner!

As I type this, I'm looking at more snow from today.  It all came down between 3 and 6 which wasn't so convenient for everyone trying to get off work.  I think part of it is people aren't used to it in Richmond and don't handle it as well as Grundy but being downtown on Friday and trying to get home, was not too much fun.  I didn't have problems but it was very SLOW.  Anyways, we are all home and safe and sound inside our warm home.  Have a good weekend!

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