Sunday, December 16, 2012

Serious thoughts

I realize I am yet again behind on blogging but tonight I am taking a break from posting about sweet Charlie and our crazy fun life to post some serious thoughts. My heart felt a little broken when I learned of the shooting massacre in Newtown, CT as it has with many other school shootings over the last 15ish years.  I can't fathom what would go into anyone's head to harm a child whether it be abuse or killing, but in this case kill 20 children and 6 adults. I will never understand this evil. I know many pastors had their work cut out for them today because many needed their hearts lifted and some reassurance that the Lord does know what he is doing.  Thanks to social media, it seems that many are feeling a little better. I know I couldn't have been happier to hug my little boy Friday night when I saw him and today at church, I found myself emotional. I don't want to use social media or my blog to post my political or social views and while I think we can all do better, I don't think there is one single thing that will fix this evil (i.e. gun control, mental health, christianity is schools, security in schools, etc. which are most popular that I have seen mentioned inthe last couple days). It gives me hope that we can all be a little nicer to one another and love mankind, God's most proud making, a little more.  It seems there are several heroes as the story unfolds that deserve praise as they spared more lives in the wake of the tragic event.  I can't imagine how they had the wisdom and courage but thank God for every one of them.  My prayers are with all of those who can't hug their loved ones a little tighter this weekend, no matter how they were taken, but especially the parents of those 20 children. God bless!

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