Sunday, December 23, 2012

Months of November and December...where did you go?

Where do I start?....

November was a great month that went all too quickly.  We made 2 trips to Grundy.  The first was just a trip for Ali and I with children and no husbands for a fast weekend.  We had a good time and it was a tease for our trip at Thanksgiving.  Here are some pictures from the visit.  Charlie enjoyed the big truck that was parked across the road from Mim's house.

He also enjoyed all the toys that they had and chasing Kaiser around.

We took a trip to the fire station so that Charlie and Wyatt could see the fire trucks.  Wyatt's Papa Bill is a fireman so we got to get up close to the trucks and play for a few minutes.

But before Thanksgiving, Charlie turned 18 months and I had another birthday all in the same week. It was a great week and I actually spent the day of my birthday off from work due to Veterans Day. Matt took the day off and we had such a nice day together. We had a very nice dinner over at Dick and Debbie's.  While I think they know this, I can't say how extremely blessed I am to have such wonderful in laws and a 2nd sister who always make me feel so special.  Charlie got a great report all in all for his 18 month check up. His stats were:  26 pounds 11 ounces (85th percentile), 33.75 inches (75th percentile) and head circumference in the 85th percentile.. The doctor was pleased with his developmental skills. He really showed off while he was there making every animal sound he knew and talking up a storm. I guessed at the appointment that he could say about 20 words. His weight was a little off due to a good round of sickness, having lost about 2 pounds in that last week or so. (In one month, he had the stomach virus x 2, RSV, ear infection, and strep.) It was a little bit of a bad month due to that but honestly, it's already a blur. I don't know that I've seen him that sick for so long with the RSV. He really worried me with the not eating and drinking. The other hard part of the month was that since he was sick, Matt and I were really juggling working and staying home with him. We found this excellent place that takes sick children which we had to use because his grandparents who always help out as much as possible were not available. As I write this, I realize some may frown about taking your sick child to a place that they don't know anyone and not staying home with them, but you do what you have to do and I loved this place. The nurses took such good care of him and he loved it too! He was quite spoiled. Ok, moving on, my Mom and Dad offered to keep Charlie for the week of Thanksgiving so we met them on the Saturday prior and joined them late Wednesday night. It was so nice since he still probably wouldn't have been well enough for daycare but he was on the mend. Also, he loved being spoiled by his Mim and Pops. He also got to go to the high school and visit with some of Mim's friends and go to children's hour at the library which I understand he loved. It gave Matt and I time to get the Christmas stuff up and out and I took full advantage of it. :-) Thanksgiving in Grundy was super nice.

It's too bad we didn't get any pictures from the trip and only one picture where we went to the park. Grundy has a huge nice park and I can't wait to go back this summer. We met my friend Anne and her children as well as here sister and her children. It was so cold but it was fun.  Charlie loved the choo choo at the park.

We had a great visit but I'm not so sure that others could recall it the same.  Pops got the stomach virus.  While I can't say for certain, I think Charlie may have been the culprit.  Bless his heart.  It struck Pops Thursday evening and he was very sick.  So sick that for the first time ever, he couldn't work Black Friday!  Matt and I decided to drive home on Saturday night so that Charlie could sleep in the car and within hours of leaving his Aunt Meredith, she became ill as well.  Luckily, Mom, Matt and I were safe from that round.  Sunday after Thanksgiving, we joined Matt's family for another Thanksgiving feast.

December has gone way too fast but I enjoyed every minute of it.  I learned last year that Christmas was a little more work with a baby and so it was last year that  I vowed I was going to stay on top of things so I didn't have to stress out and feel like I was missing family time and I did exactly that.  I was annoyingly (if I do say myself) ahead of schedule most of the month when it came to buying presents, sending out Christmas cards, wrapping presents, making goodies, etc.  But, I'm not a good procrastinator and it meant that I was able to spend more time with Charlie.  I realize I'm sounding a little sentimental and emotional but I don't want to look back on my time and think I wish I had done more with him. It all goes by too quickly and I absolutely love this stage.  He's exhausting and busy but so much fun and is learning something new all the time.  If I had to pick something that has fallen behind, it's the blog, yet again.

Charlie has loved the Christmas tree.  We have a large one in our breakfast nook and a smaller one in the den.  He tells them hi every morning and bye every night before bed.  He quickly wants them turned on as soon as we walk in the room and he loves to point at the ornaments.  He has taken some off the tree but been kind to them.  I think of note, he loved his Daddy's choo choo, a star with a picture of his Daddy on it, other stars or snowflakes which are stars to Charlie, some of the candy canes, and all of the balls.  We did take a few pictures of his first reaction to the tree.  I have always loved the decor but to see Charlie admire the tree and his eyes light up the first time he saw it, my heart melted again and I couldn't have imagined at that moment that tree would ever bring me so much joy.

Ok, so quickly, here's everything that we did for the month aside from another stomach virus that hit our entire family (minus Wally) in 24 hours.  Matt and I took Charlie to a few houses to see the lights one night during the week.  It was super nice and low key.  I think we even managed to take some pictures.

He loved the houses and was especially taken with the trains and cars.  We did pictures at a studio which were absolutely crazy.  He was so awful.  I got one or two good pictures which is fine since the deal was only for one pose.  However, it took us like 30 minutes to an hour to get it.  Ugh!  We celebrate Courtney's birthday with another feast at Dick and Debbie's.  We did another tacky light tour with friends on the weekend.  It started by everyone getting together at our house and the kids had so much fun playing together.  Charlie was slightly overwhelmed with so many kids playing with his toys but did a great job practicing sharing his toys.  We also had Breakfast with Santa.  Wow!  That was so much fun. 

Charlie loved him from a distance, saying "Ho Ho" but was apprehensive the closer he got and was just plain not happy on this lap.  I asked them to snap a photo for memory.  What a different a year makes!  His breakfast that day was pancakes with whip cream, chocolate syrup and sprinkles of course. 

All in all, I think he thought it was a successful morning.  We enjoyed a feast at the Hamrick's which allowed us to get the annual kid photo. 

And as Charlie goes flying off the sofa head first.  Don't worry.  He recovered nicely and even took a few more pictures.  :-)

My goodness.  I can't describe how much joy these children have brought to all of our lives and they are getting cuter playing with one another and excited over partying together.  We had a few activities at church and some wonderful services to attend. 

I think that quickly wraps up the month in just one quick post.  I will post separately about Chirstmas but in case that doesn't get up in time, I hope everyone has a joyous one.  We have sang Happy Birthday to Jesus a lot around here and read the Christmas story (thanks to the book from his Mim and Pops) so many times.  I want him to always know that the true meaning of Christmas and to know about the birth of Jesus who would later die and rise to save us.  Hearing Charlie say Jesus may be one of the sweetest words I hear. 

Merry Christmas.  With much love, Stephanie

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