Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day/Massanutten Trip

I can't belive that it's already June.  May went fast for The Wheawill family.  We were busy doing a lot of birthday celebrating and enjoying the month.  We spent a nice long weekend at Massanutten, courtesy of Grandpa and Grammie.  My mom, Mim, got to come too.  It was such a nice relaxing time and was exactly what this Momma needed, coming back much more relaxed and tan (or burnt...oops!). 
The trip to Massanutten wasn't the best.  Charlie was NOT happy.  I tried traveling in the back when he got upset but those that know me, are probably not surprised to hear that I lasted 10-15 minutes before I needed to switch and get back up front, which did not make for a happy boy.  So, I drove and Matt sat in the back.  Geez!  When we got there, 8 hours later (kidding there, about 2.5 hours but it felt like 8), Charlie's eye was goupy, swollen so Matt and I had a flash of trying to figure out some urgent care place and spending our vacation back in  Richmond.  But, alas, I remembered we had a refill on an old antibiotic that I could get transferred to the pharmacy.  I called 20 minutes before they were closing, not remembering the name of the antibiotic (I know my pharmacists friends are shaking their heads right now) and Matt drove like a bat out of hell to arrive at the pharmacy at 6:00 on the dot.  Luckily, that was a moment that saved us.

Anyways, back to vacation.  We did so much and so little.  As I said, we relaxed.  We went to dinner at the water park which we will be sure to go to one day when Charlie is a little older.  Charlie loved watching though.  We was in Heaven!  Plus, he got ice cream from Grandpa and I don't know if he has ever tasted anything better.  That night, Charlie decided to have a party in his room with Mim during the middle of the night so after a stern talking to by Mommy and Daddy, he ended up in the bed with us.  Hmmm.  Bad parenting, right!? 

The next day, we tried out the indoor pool. Charlie thought it was ok. 

Charlie napped while Mommy and Daddy went to the pool.  Daddy napped.  Mommy sat on the deck, which a magazine and glass of wine.  Ah, relaxing.
Charlie got much cuddling from all the family and plenty of time to play.

We had delicious food while we were there.

Here are pictures from our walk.

Grammie, Mim and I worked a puzzle that night.

While we were there, we visited the petting zoo.  Charlie loved it, especially the ducks (his favorite animal these days...well, besides Wally). 
We decided to try the outdoor pool too.  And the boy was happy!  He loved it.  The pictures just don't do it justice.  I'm not sure that Charlie could have been any cuter.

We had such a wonderful trip!  It came and went quickly.
Thanks to Grandpa and Grammie for inviting us to tag along (and for all the pictures that I'm posting!).

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