Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We've had a wonderful day trying to show Matt how special he is to us.  Charlie adores his Daddy.  His face lights up and there is nothing better than sitting with his Daddy or riding on his Daddy's shoulders. 

We went to Charlie's first Flying Squirrel's game, the minor league baseball team in Richmond.  It was a lot of fun and Charlie made it for most of the game.  We had 2 fly balls in our section but only one of them gave me a heart attack as it was caught 2 rows down from us.  Matt told me that he had it covered as I watched him holding Charlie and trying to catch the ball with the other hand!  Whew! 
Here are some pictures from our day:
Look at how cute/handsome my boys are!  Am I lucky or what?!!!! 

Matt, thanks for being you and being so good to all of us.  I love our little family!

To both of our father's, I hate that we didn't get to see you today but we'll celebrate soon.  I have so much enjoyed watching Charlie with his grandfathers.  It's brought back so many memories.  I loved my grandpa's but boy did they love me! 

Dick, I watch how good you are to Debbie and have no doubts in our many more years, Matt will continue to treat me like a princess. You both have raised Matt well. You have shown him how to be a very sweet and loving husband. You are wonderful with Charlie and he obviously adores you! 

At one point today, I was watching Matt with Charlie and remembering how Dad took Meredith and I to ride our bikes on Sunday afternoons and how much I loved that time with him.  And sometimes, we could go get an ice cream sundae at McDonald's.  Anyone who knows my Dad, knows how fun and happy he is all the time.  You make everyone, especially me, smile!  You are the softest hearted person I have ever known and I know I got my tender heart from you.  I love watching you hold Charlie and love on him.  Charlie and I can't wait to see you in just a couple of weeks.

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