Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week 35

Week 35
Size of baby: size of a honeydew melon

This week:

When I was a little kid, I always thought 28 was really old.  I think I knew someone that was 28 and remember thinking that when I get to be 28, I'll be old.  Of course, now that 28 has come and gone, I don't think it's that old.  It's all about perspective, I guess.  So, in thinking about this pregnancy, 35 weeks seemed to be really pregnant to me.  I remember when my friend, Ali, was pregnant, when she got to 35 weeks, I remember thinking, the baby could come anytime.  Of course, Wyatt waited and came at the end of week 39.  So, in the following weeks, I'm sure I'll feel even more pregnant, but I keep telling Matt and I really can't imagine my belly getting bigger.  Maybe at my 36 week appointment next week, I'll know more about how I'm progressing but 5 weeks isn't very long to wait.  And I'm definitely counting down now.  I'm a little uncomfortable and just can't wait to see what he looks like.    I feel like I no longer have a bump but I have a basketball in my stomach.  My belly button is still an inie which is good with me.  I've heard belly buttons never look the same after pregnancy.  As for Charlie, I read that he won't get much longer but will just be plumping up for the next few weeks.

We have started preparing Wally for his rude awakening.  He moved sides of the beds months ago (back in Jan.) and has adjusted well to being on Matt's side.  Last weekend, someone told me that they heard that it was good to play the sound of a baby crying to your animals so they could get used to it.  So, I googled baby crying and was able to get it.  Matt was downstairs at the time and Wally and I were upstairs.  So, I played it and Matt said that it sounded like this moaning coming from upstairs and he shot up off the couch at first, thinking I was in labor.  He was in go mode until he realized what I was doing.  As for Wally, he didn't react in the slightest.  Not that we have a very smart dog, but I think he is smarter than that.  He knows the difference so I don't think that was very helpful.  We have received other pieces of advice in preparing Wally so we are working with him.  We have a couple other good ideas:  1)  We are bringing a blanket to the hospital to wrap Charlie in and Matt will take it home so Wally can check it out and hopefully get adjusted to his scent before Charlie and I come home from the hospital.  2)  We want to have a basket of treats for Wallyand when any guests come over, we will ask them to pet him and give him a treat before holding the baby. 

We have a busy weekend planned.  My parents are coming in town and Ali is throwing me a fun baby shower.  I can't wait!  Friday afternoon can't get here soon enough.

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