Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daylight Savings Time

We are very excited about the time change and also the warmer weather.  The Wheawill family is very happy and Wally has enjoyed his daily walks.  We had to take a break for a few days due to the rain.  Now the weather needs to cooperate with our longer days.

So not much is going on to update on.  I'm hoping my Grandma starts feeling better soon and gets out of the hospital very soon.

Matt and I had a nice weekend at home.  We had some nice dinners with friends; I did some shopping and had some great girl time with Ali; Matt had a good day hanging out at the Irish pubs; I managed to get 2 closets cleaned and organized; We enjoyed watching the movie Up this afternoon.  All in all, a very successful weekend.

So, the only pictures I have to share are of our ridiculously spoiled dog licking the ice cream carton.

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