Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas (a few days late!)

A quick recap of Christmas 2009:
Matt and I started our journey on the 23rd.  We dropped Wally off at the pet resort (which he loves) and then headed Grandpa Bill and Nanny's house in Verona, Kentucky which is about 25 miles outside of Cincinnati.  It took forever to get there.  :-)  Once we got there, we visited some before heading to bed.  Then on the 24th, we got to enjoy our time visiting, eating a delicious lunch, and of course opening some gifts. 

Nanny makes such awesome sugar cookies in all kinds of shapes.  Too bad I didn't take a picture.  Anyways, my sister and I always look forward to them and since she wasn't coming to see them until the 26th, that meant I got to them first.  We would always argue over who got to eat certain shapes.  Oh, sisters!  :-)  Don't worry, I saved plenty for her!  Thanks for everything Grandpa and Nanny!

After lunch, we headed on to Berea, Kentucky where my other grandparents live.  We joined up with the aunt, uncles, cousin, parents, sister.  This year was a little different because Grandma fell and broke her hip back in middle November.  She's still recovering with therapy which meant no cooking for her.  Grandma is the such a good cook and she works so hard every Christmas feeding all of us.  I don't think she ever stops working the whole time we are there.  So, this year, we chipped in, and largely due to my mom and aunt, everything turned out perfect!  We didn't do gifts for the entire family this year but instead did stockings.  Well, we changed up the stockings and did gift bags. 

Santa filled up everyones gifts bags with tons and tons of goodies.  The Christmas traditions included all the men playing Rook, the women cooking, playing games, and watching some football. 

My uncle is a University of Tennessee fan.  I try not to hold it against him that he could root for such a team.   So, there may have been some talk of the Chick-Fil-A bowl and all I have to say is H-O-K-I-E-S!  Despite, having to spend any time talking about UT, the visit was very nice.  I enjoyed visiting with everyone.  Mom, Dad, Merdith, Matt, and I did our family present exchange while we were there.

Thank you Mom, Dad, Meredith, and Matt!  You all got me so many wonderful gifts.  I love all of them! 

Matt and I got back on the road early early early on the 26th to come back to Richmond so we could do Christmas with the Wheawill family.  We were greeted by Wally when we got home.  Matt's family went and picked him up for us and I was definitely so happy to see him.  3 days is long enough to be away from him!  Wally was happy to see us but was exhasted from running around and playing with all the other dogs. 

Matt also missed him!

So, we took quick showers and baths (Wally included) so that we could head on over to Mom and Pops Wheawill.  Matt's sister, Courtney, greeted us wearing a UT sweatshirt.  As with my uncle, I try not to hold it against her that she went to grad school at UT. 

We got to do all the traditional stockings, snacks (yummy!), gift exchange, and a very nice Christmas dinner.

Then we followed it up with a delicous meal.  Thank you Dick, Debbie, and Courtney for everything.

Wally was not left out and he really loves all his presents!

My only complaint is that all our visits were too short.  I really enjoyed myself and am truly grateful for a wonderful family.

After heading to church and to lunch with the family, Matt and I tried to work on laundry and putting things away.  We took time out to play with our new Christmas toys and presents though!  We'll have a fast busy week at work so that way we can play again next weekend with friends.  Hope everyone else had a nice Christmas! 

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