Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another fun, long weekend

2 long weekends in a row has sure been wonderful.  I took this Friday off so that my best friend, Ali, and I could go to the Bizarre Bazaar which is a huge market with all kinds of fun cute gifts.  They have monogrammed stuff, crafts, food and drink speciality items, etc.  I always find good gifts for people.  In previous years, I have either gone after work or on Saturday and it's just been so crazy.  This year, Ali and I thought we were playing it smart by going during the day and a little earlier in the weekend.  Well, let me tell you it was absolutely crazy.  There were so many people.  I managed to find some fun gifts but, whew, Ali and I were exhausted after our busy day of shopping.

Last night, I went out for a few to celebrate, our friend, Sarah's 30th birthday.  It was fun to be out and see all the Christmas decorations downtown.  Very pretty!  And, I think Sarah had a great birthday!  :-)

Today, Matt and I planned to stay in. It was rainy and yucky with some promises of snow from the weatherman.  I offered to keep a friend of mine's from work children so she could go out to do some Christmas shopping for them.  Matt and I had a really good time with these girls.  (I have the best husband for doing this with me!)  Anyways, they are so sweet and well-behaved.  We made cookies, a gingerbread house, watched Rudolph, went outside for the snow flurries (they lasted maybe 30 minutes!), watched Frosty's Winter Wonderland, and finished with playing some good Hide & Seek.  I think Matt and I may be exhausted!  I am happy that my friend was productive during her shopping and that I got the opportunity to keep these girls!  They are something special for sure and I think you cann see that for yourself. 

Tomorrow, we plan to go to church.  I plan on doing a few errands for gift ideas (I'm almost finished.)  Then, it's time to get started on those Christmas cards (I normally am done with these by the week after Thanksgiving!) and work on wrapping. 

We sure are enjoying the Christmas season.  Hope all our readers are doing the same!

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