Thursday, February 13, 2014


It's winter and this month we I have enjoyed getting to see it snow.  Today was my perfect idea of snow since I got a snow day and didn't have to try to go to work in it and I have electricity as I type this.  Charlie and I started the morning out with making a snowman
and had some hot chocolate.  This afternoon, I worked on some chores and was happy with my productivity.  As long as I have power, water, etc. and can stay home, it's fine to have one snow day every winter.  Too many and we all go stir crazy so I've had my feel and we can move on to Spring.

Back in January, we took a trip to Massanutten with Grammie and Papa.
It's actually where Charlie got to experience his first snow of the season.

We left Wednesday night and came home Saturday night.  I love it whenever we go, winter or spring.  There's plenty to do depending on the season.  Last year, Matt and I skiied.  This year, Matt wasn't interested and there was enough other things to keep me busy.  We went tubing in the morning on Thursday.
It wasn't very busy so Matt and I really enjoyed it because we got to go down the hill so many times.  Also, I thought it was the perfect speed.  I kept seeing all these toddlers about Charlie's age and they were having a blast.  So, we decided to go back in the afternoon with Charlie.  hot warm chocolate.
Unfortunately, it was a lot slicker which meant that the tubes were just flying down the hill.  Charlie thought it was too fast for him.  I agreed but I think we will be ready for him to tube next year.  We went to see the movie Frozen.  It was Charlie's first movie and he did excellent.  It was a fun movie!  We enjoyed their indoor pool and just hanging out and ate a lot of yummy food!  Here is Charlie having some
Charlie loved the big bath.
He ended up having Strep while we were there and he was not a good sleeper.  We had a good time even though Charlie wasn't feeling his best.  He has asked since then about going to Grammie and Papas house in the mountains.

I hope all are safe from Winter Storm Pax and would be happy if this is our last snow storm for this year!

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