Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Noah

Noah Pike Hamrick was born November 7th and I was so excited to meet this little boy so I went up to the hospital on the day after to meet him and to see Ali, who did wonderful through the labor and delivery! 

He seems to be a pretty good baby (easy going, sleeping well, eating and growing quickly) and is so stinking cute.  It's been fun to hold a baby again.  I hold him and think that there was no way Charlie was that little.  It's funny how quickly you forget.  I was pretty proud this weekend as I held him, he just nuzzled right in my arms and went fast asleep.  I told Ali that I had the magic touch.  :-)  I know that some of you are thinking, when are they having their next and this is what I have to say about that, I love Noah and I'm so happy for Mark, Ali and Wyatt but you know what's really nice?  I get my baby fix and then I go home and sleep all night.  :-)

He seems to be a great baby so far!  Wyatt has been transitioning; he is so proud and loves his baby brother!  It's really sweet!

Charlie on the other hand will talk about baby Noah but he really doesn't want anything to do with him when we've been around.  He's typically too busy playing with Wyatt.

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