Sunday, March 24, 2013

Charlie at 22 months

So, this post is a few random things about Charlie at this age that I just don't want to forget.  Charlie is learning all kinds of fun things at school.  He is learning to use his words more and now regularly says "Excuse me".  It's so much better than "Move".  The first time he said it, we were actually able to catch it on video.  I was so surprised and happy to hear it.  I still love it even though it's getting to be more regular.

Charlie is also learning to count to 10 at school.  He always says 9 and 10 together and the others are hit or miss.  It's normally something like "3, 5, 7, 9, 10."  He seems to always miss 8.  I guess it's hard to remember and he's very excited to get to 10 so he gets in a hurry at the end.  I can tell a big difference in the last few weeks and how much better he's getting to it may not be long before he has them perfect.

Also, as you can see, a favorite for Charlie's is to jump.  He loves when I change the sheets on the bed so he can play on the mattress and jump off of it.  It will occupy him for a long time while I'm busy tending to laundry.  :-)

He has no interest in singing his ABCs even though he loves for us to sing them.  He will ask for us to sing them regularly.  And we sing them so regularly that one night Matt was singing his ABCs out loud in his sleep.  :-)  Charlie recently learned "ring around the rosey" but his version is "Pockets....ashes, ashes...fall down!" 

Charlie loves his time right before bath.  He loves to run around without clothes on.  He laughs and laughs and laughs.  Normally, he runs around completely nude but here are a few blurry shots of him in a diaper.
He's definitely able to throw a good tantrum and he has learned to stick that bottom lip out.  However, most of the time, he's got full control over the tantrums and while it took us a little while, Matt and I are doing better handling them.  The boy is into everything so he's regularly hurting himself.  We really can't turn our eyes on him for a second.  He's climbing onto everything.  Here's where he decided to get into Wally's toy basket. 

Just today, Charlie managed to hit his lip on a toy so it bled a lot.  It was a relatively minor accident but I think the blood scared him which made him cry harder.  He got himself so upset that he made himself sick.  Oh boy!  This boy has mastered the art of throwing up as he had another stomach bug.  I told Matt that he had the best gag reflex and he corrected me and said I would call it the worst gag reflex.  Ha!  He's very resilient through all the throwing up.  He recovers so quick.

Matt took this picture to prove how/why he gets sick so often!

Charlie loves to play with his kitchen and to fix us food.  He also fixes himself food on occasion.  Of course, he would pick an ice cream for himself and "broc" for me. 

 Charlie is loving his red chair.  We love it when he relaxes in it.

I absolutely love this sweet boy.  He's such a busy boy but he does love to sit on our laps. 

He loves Wally. He's too busy for Wally though. He has to spend the week resting up for our weekends.
I had to fill out a form for daycare and one question asked me what my favorite thing about Charlie was. That was so hard to answer. He's such a sweet, smart child. I really can't get enough of his smile or laugh though!

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