Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy 10 months Charlie from your Mommy


Wow!  What a month it has been.  You started off by celebrating your first Valentine's Day, which was just a date with Mommy and Daddy. We didn't do anything too special other than Mommy got extra love from all her boys.
You are now in double digits and it seems that you have really taken off this month with new developments.

You are a little more mischievous, which means the monthly pictures are a little harder to get. 
You are most mischievous by getting into Wally's food and water dish.  We try to keep you out of it but it seems that is right where you want to be.  You take off for it every chance you get and you crawl as fast as your arms and legs will take you and let a squeal each time as you go for it.  We have managed not to catch you in time which means that water is everywhere.  Luckily, we haven't caught you eating the dog food but I'm sure if we gave you any time, the dog food would be in your mouth along with everything else that is on the floor. 

Speaking of Wally, it remains to be true that you want to be with him whenever he is in the room. 
He's not so sure of you most of the time but is the most laid back dog and seems to never get too annoyed.  It's so nice to see how much he has adjusted from being the only child.  He likes to be in the same room as you so he can keep his eye on you. 
It's pretty often that we can count on Wally to give you a good laugh and sometimes, you even make your Mommy jealous of the smiles that you give him.

You are a lot more communicative.  Not as much with talking.  Although, you constantly babble and even said Dada.  Sometimes is sounds as if you are saying bye too.  You say Momma only when you are whining!  Otherwise, you just babble.  However, your point gets across.  You reach for us when you want us to pick you up.  You start whining and stick your arms up in the air.  If that doesn't work, you get louder and squeeze your hands.  You have started to whine.  You shake your head no at us too.  We typically know pretty quickly if something is to your dislike. 

Luckily, you are a pretty agreeable little fellow and aren't constantly upset. You love to play.
In fact, your teachers at daycare tell Mommy that you can outplay all the other babies and you just don't stop the whole time you are there, which explains why some days you come home with only one 30 minute nap. The teachers also tell Mommy that unless you have the "crud" (which has been a lot this month), then you are super happy and the happiest baby.

Your "crud" this month has been the continued sinus and ear infections. Your Mommy thinks you have had more than your share. Your reflux isn't much better and not much worse which means you still throw up your bottle from time to time.  With all that on top of teething, it's been pretty hard on you. You have 2 bottom teeth now, but 4 more that are coming in up top. You still don't sleep very well for us.  It's rare for you to sleep through the night as most nights you are up at least once, but sometimes twice, and even more. You aren't going back to sleep as well either at night and your naps aren't very good.  

As for getting around, there is no stopping you.  You pull yourself up onto everything.  You can even use a wall to get yourself up so you can cruise. 
This month you started really moving around from furniture to furniture.  You even started pushing your toy only with much coaxing from Mommy and Daddy. 
You love to go to the bathrooms, especially Mommy and Daddy's.  You love to pull yourself up on the big tub. 
You are still learning how to fall on your knees and bottom.  We have to watch you though because sometimes, you fly backwards waiting for us to catch you!  You still love those steps and are fascinated with dropping your toys through the gate to watch them go down. 

You are always crawling over to your Daddy for him to pick you up.  He does all kinds of tricks with you.  You like to be thrown up in the air and love to hang upside down. 
You are a little monkey!

You are Mommy's little helper.

Oh, Charlie, I love you, Stinky Face!

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