Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy 7 months Charlie from your Mommy


Mommy hasn't been great about updating the blog but Mommy is backing up a little to write this blog as if it was your 7 month birthday.  Mommy and Daddy managed to take the pictures but in all actuality, your letter is exactly 2 weeks behind.

This month has been a fun month with more firsts.  You got to celebrate your first Thanksgiving and what a wonderful fun-filled weekend with family, good eats, and much smiles and giggles.  Your Aunt Meredith came to see you and you also got to spend thanksgiving day in Virginia Beach with at your cousins, Katie and Sam, Uncle Walter and Aunt Lisa's house.  You enjoyed all the family time and did great with your trip.
It's a shame that you don't get to see Katie and Sam more often.  I think you found that Katie would be a great babysitter and Sam could teach and show you all kinds of fun toys. 
Your Mommy and Daddy enjoyed Sam's toys too.

This month was a hard month for you.  You have battled conjuctivitis which meant that the week before Thanksgiving, you stayed at home from daycare with your Grammie.  You didn't mind at all getting a bunch of love from Grammie.  Mommy and Daddy are thankful that Grammie was able and willing to take care of our rather puny boy.  Luckily you recovered quickly.  However it didn't last long as a week later, you got an ear infection, virus with hives and respiratory infection.  It seemed this one took you a little longer to recover.  While I would much rather have a heatlhy little boy more, you were especially cuddly during these times.  Of course, it's not kind to have extra congestion for you and I'm sure the extra medication and antibiotics didn't help your reflux either.  You definitely seemed to have a worse month with your reflux, throwing up about every other day.  Daddy and I are hopeful that once again, with your doctor's help, we may have found a plan to help your little stomach.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

As for your sleep, you tend to wake up once a night.  Sometimes more often and sometimes you make it through the night.  You have trained your Mommy and Daddy to stick to the 7:30 bedtime rule after a couple of nights where we pushed the clock and you were up 4 times.  We have learned that there are not many things that are worth messing up your sleep!

You have had many new foods and seem to be doing pretty well overall.  You have tried avacodos, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, bananas, carrots, and squash.  You like your food and I can't say that I've identified any clear dislikes. 

Your clear fascination seems to be with crawling.  Every day, I think you may be well on your way.  Mommy isn't in too big of a hurry and knows it will happen soon enough.  You manage to get where you want to go by scooting and rolling.

Other than that, you LOVE remote controls and cell phones.  Anytime, you can get to those items, you are happy! 

You sit unassisted better and better each day.  Although, we know not to leave you because when you decide enough is enough, you fly backwards as hard and fast as you can, not concerning yourself with that precious noggin.  You are such a big helper in the kitchen by playing while we cook.  It seems to be one of your favorite rooms in the house.  You love the shiny dishwasher and fridge.
Charlie, I don't know how it's possible for you to get cuter every month but you somehow manage to do it.  I miss you terribly during the workdays and love on you all weekend.  It's sure not a bad life! How did Daddy and I manage without you?

We love you!

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