Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby W's Room

Trying to decide on paint colors as you can see here:
After the lovely paint job (Thanks Amy!):

With some existing well loved furniture in his room.  The furniture actually came from my Great Aunt who I loved dearly.  I'm happy that I have it and I can always think of my Aunt Daisy when I look at the furniture. (We Amy painted the book shelf and it looks perfect between the two windows.):

Now with the crib that his grandparents bought for him.  (Thanks Dick and Debbie!):

Here is another picture of the shelf that I took today:.

I love the Dumbo lamp. It was in my nursey and also in my sisters so it has very special meaning to me and I think Baby W and I will enjoy looking at it when we are sitting the chair together.

I plan on hanging quite a few things on the wall, but want to wait until I get the bedding before I hang anything.  I want to buy some letters and spell his name out.  I think I want those to hang on the wall where his crib is.  I also want to get some floating shelves to put on the wall oppposite of the crib and I will take some of the items that are on the shelf to put on them.  His room isn't really going to have a theme.  I did register for a Hokie mobile for his crib!  ;-) And, we do have quite a few Hokie and Red Sox things to hang on the wall. 

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