Monday, March 4, 2013

Charlie at 21 months

Charlie was helping me with laundry this weekend and all of a sudden he disappeared into the laundry room for a little too long and when he was a little too quiet, I knew I should stop folding to see what was going on and and here's what I discovered:

Charlie's into everything and we hardly get very much time to hold him these days. He loves to play.
He can be very cuddly at times and loves to hug and kiss us all the time these days but he normally makes it into a game of running as fast as he can back and forth between us.  He's been eating great this month.  I am seeing a difference in the way his clothes are fitting as a result.  He's grown a lot.  He loves his sweets, especially cupcakes and ice cream. 
Charlie loves to help us cook.  He's pretty good at it actually
This boy is active!  He's all about jumping.  He can't actually jump but it is for sure not a lack of trying.  He loves to bend his knees and say "jump".  He also loves to dance. 
He is starting to really get into his TV shows.  He loves to sit in his chair and watch TV. 
Charlie loves "school".  He's so happy to be there.  Charlie is really talking quite a bit these days and his personality is coming through. He is putting 2 words together pretty well. I just wanted to document a few of my special moments and our conversations lately with him.

Charlie can say his name quite well. 

He also says several of his friend's names from daycare.  He's even started talking about his friends at home.  One night he was talking about them in the bath and I told him that they were probably in bed as it was about that time for him and figured it was my opportunity to start talking about heading that way.  All weekend, he kept saying "Chase Night night" or "Bubba Night Night". 

The boy is learning so much at such a quick rate.  This is a fun age.  Just this weekend, Matt and I discovered that he knew his several shapes.  He says "obal" for oval.  I pointed out a circle and told him that it was a circle which he said "No, ball".  We tried to get this on video but he had started to lose his focus by this point.  So, this is the best that we got:

Charlie loves to point out the buses and trucks as we pass them on the road.  He has a really good eye for them and often spots them before me.  He also loves "bikes" which he says for motorcycles too.

When I take pictures, he now says "Cheese".

Sometimes, when he asks for something, I will say "What do you say" which he responds "Please" most of the time.  It takes a little more to get "Thank you" out.  However, that one takes a little more work.  So, when I do get a "Thank You", I really praise him by saying "Your welcome Charlie.  That is so nice."  So, now he sometimes doesn't say thank you but will just say "Nice" or "Thank you, nice".

Charlie now knows when he needs his nose wiped.  He will tells us "booger" or say "tissue".  He can blow into the tissue which does nothing but he sure is trying.  He does a great job wiping his own nose if I hand him a tissue when we are in the car.

Charlie loves his coat and hat and will make sure we don't forget it.  When we pick Charlie up from school, sometimes he goes straight for the coat before even greeting us.  Also, he thinks it his job to unzip his Daddo's coat when they get home. 
I asked Charlie what his Daddo's name was and he said "Matt".  We were pretty surprised that he spit it out so quickly and were actually able to capture it on video.

He loves to tell us to tell us when Wally is barking.  This weekend he was crawling around like he was a dog and he said "Bark Bark".

Charlie has changed his Grandpa's name to BoPa.  He started saying it tonight at dinner which I thought he was saying Bubba (which is one of his friends names at daycare).  He kept saying it which is how I knew I got it wrong and finally, I figured it out.  I said "Are you saying BoPa?" and he said "yep" (which is his new way to say yes).  I told him that BoPa was at home but we could call him so we did.  Charlie didn't really talk to him other than to say Hi over and over but when I told him to say bye, he said "Bye BoPa." 
I feel extremely blessed to be his Momma.

I love these 2 handsome boys!

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  1. What a handsome, smart, charming boy! We love him, Pops and Mim