Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy 1 month Charlie from your Mommy


This month has been the most joyful and hardest month of my entire life.  I have dreamed of being a mother and was so excited to meet you but I never imagine exactly how hard it would be.  (I never thought that I could survive on a few hours of sleep for days on end.)  I definitely wasn't the only person excited to meet you though.  Your Daddy couldn't wait to meet you.  You also have two Aunts that are in love with you.  Your grandparents can't get enough of you. 

The first few days of coming home were an adjustment period for us all and we have had a few challenges over the last month.  Your tummy has bothered you which hasn't always made you the happiest baby.  You had some projectile vomiting which hasn't been fun for you (or me or your Daddy).  We now have you on some medicine for your reflux and we think it is helping.  It would be much easier if you were able to talk to us and tell us if your tummy feels better.  You seem to be a little less fussy so we'll take that as a sign and your vomiting seems better.  Of course, I think you will just be a baby that has more spit up than most, but I'll take that over the vomiting.

As for other facts, you took your time grasping feeding. You were a little lazy at first which made your first few days hard.  And I struggled myself with learning to nurse you.  You lost a little weight but within the 10% which is normal.  Now, you have it down though.  You are over 11 pounds and are already wearing 0-3 months clothes.  All your newborn clothes are too small.  You also have moved up from newborn size diapers to size 1 diapers. 

You have tried a bottle and didn't seem to have a problem with that.  We will continue to give you a bottle in order to make sure that you don't develop any confusion between nursing and bottles.

I can't say that you are sleeping real well, which I'm hoping will change.  It is getting better but the longest you go is 3 hour stretches, in general.  I think you went for about 4 hours twice.  You sometimes like to wake up and feed every 2 hours which leaves your Mommy to only getting about an hour of sleep.  I tell you a lot how nice it would be if you would sleep a little longer, but so far, you haven't.  I also seem to be obsessed with other one month babies to see how long they are sleeping.  Just so you know, for comparison, most babies are sleeping over 2-3 hour stretches at night so anytime, you want to sleep a little longer, I won't complain.  :-)  You are still sleeping in our room in your rock and play but we have talked a lot lately about moving you to your bedroom.  We will probably keep you in your rock and play though as it is supposed to help a little with the reflux. 

It took you a long time to discover a love for the pacifier but I think you are comforted by sucking and are starting to keep the pacifier in your mouth for a longer periods of time. We have been giving it to you more lately when you get upset and it sometimes does the trick.  In fact, I typically have a pacifier in my shorts pocket so that way I can quickly give it to you when the need arises.  You get the hiccups quite frequently and we have found that the pacifier sometimes helps those go away. 

You don't particularly like baths.  Sometimes you seem to enjoy being in the water but the moment you get cold (i.e. out of the water and being dried off), you scream.  Unfortunately, due to your vomiting episodes, you have probably had a few more baths than I would have given you otherwise.

I think you are hot natured like your Daddy.  We keep you swaddled at night to try to keep you from waking yourself up. (You still haven't discovered your hands so sometimes you accidentally flail those arms and wake yourself up.)  During the days though, you are very happy to nap in a onesie.  Of course, we have been having unusually hot weather which your Mommy and Daddy are not enjoying.
You are starting to pay more attention to things.  You like to look in the mirror.  It is fun to watch you because you look for a while and then go cross eyed when you get tired.  You also are starting to follow motion.  You have discovered your mobile on your swing as well as the one on your crib.   We have been playing with some of your toys like the one on your car seat.
Your daddy and I were talking about how we can't believe that it's been a month since you were born.  We love you so much.  I am enjoying our days together and look forward to the next couple of months of maternity leave.  I don't think I will ever get tired of kissing your little cheeks.  Even at your fussiest of times during the last month, you still manage to be the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on.

For comparison, here is a picture from you on the day you were born and here you are today:

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