Sunday, February 10, 2013

First haircut and few more pictures from the weekend

We finally got Charlie's first real haircut for the first time this weekend.  He made it to almost 21 months. He did really well.  He and I talked about it before we went.  I pretend cut his hair with my fingers as we were talking about it and said "Chop, chop chop" which he repeated a few times.  I was really nervous about how he would do since Matt and I have tried to do around his ears a few times and he always hates it.  The place we went had 2 train tables.  That's right, not 1 but 2.  He loved that part of the place.  When it was time to actually get in the big boy seat, he wasn't ready to leave the train table.  He was pretty reluctant of having a stranger touching him and wasn't 100% sure of the rest of it.  Luckily, he gave in for the sucker and as long as he could continue to hold on to the train, a pretty easy compromise I thought.  By the way, the girl that cut his hair was awesome.  She was so fast!

His hair now has some shape and we just need it to grow a little more in the front.  (I'm pretty sure he has a lot more hair than I did at that age!)

My little baby is looking much more like a little kid though!

After the hair cut, we took a quick detour to Old Navy.  I took a picture of Charlie with the dog mannequin that he always loves to see.  He looks so grown up.
Speaking of growing up, he was really showing us how he could be a big boy.  He did a little vacuuming today

and then when out to dinner, he opted to sit in the seat beside his Daddo.  
(These boys are so handsome!)
He was really good at dinner and ate well, which is nice for a change.  (Eating out has been really difficult lately.)  After dinner, we came home and he wanted to wrestle with his Momma. He was laughing so hard.  After being pounced on about 20 times, I told him Daddo was going to have to take a turn and he wasn't too happy about that.  Apparently, it's much more fun to do that to Momma.  Oh boy!  This boy was all too cute (and well behaved) this weekend making it all that much harder to go back to work tomorrow! 

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