Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 39 and a half

As you can see, I missed both Week 38 and Week 39.

Here is a picture of me at Week 38 for our wonderful Easter dinner which we celebrated at Matt's parents along with celebrating Matt's dad's, Dick's, birthday.

Here is the most recent picture:

These are my last bump pictures.  I'm honsestly quite over the being pregnant part at this point and feel just as big as I look.  I'm learning exactly how big that is though.  I now am uncomfortable sliding into booths at restuarants (embarassing, a little!).  My belly rests on a pillow at night and is heavy when I roll over (which isn't easy by the way). 

The last couple of weeks have flown by in many ways but some days/hours/minutes seem to drag by.  I've been busy at work wrapping up items and I think my boss appreciates that Charlie stayed put for him to go on a little vacation and I got to wrap up final items. 

I went to the doctor last Thursday (4/28) and she told me that it looked like I may not make it for next weeks appointment and that Charlie could come in the next week.  Ha!  I was very uncomfortable after the appointment which continued through Saturday.  On Sunday, it was a new day and I started feeling better.  The work week was long last week but when I went back on Thursday, I found out I had not progressed any.  So, my thoughts are that Charlie is laid back like his Daddy and perfectly content just hanging out.  So, my doctor was suprised but said don't rule out the weekend.  Well, this weekend came and went and no baby!  I read that eating pineapple and mexican could induce labor so I tried them both.  :-)  I just can't wait to meet him.  However, it's so soon and patience have never been my strong suit.  So, we'll wait just a little bit longer.

Everything is going well.  My blood pressure has been a little higher at the last couple of appointments (in the 130s/80s) and my feet swell.  Last week, I actually weight 2 pounds less than the week before but at this point I know it's all fluid that is affecting my weight.  Of course, I'm sure Charlie is plumping up just a bit.

We had friends that were due before us and they welcomed their little girl, Charlotte, into the world on April 26th.  So, Congrats Matt and Sheena.  My sister's friend was due the same day as me and she had her son, Luke, on May 5th.  So, it's time in my eyes!  :-)

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  1. Stephanie,

    Linda and I just checked your blog for an update, and we are so excited for you and Matt! We can't wait to hear your news. Charlotte is excited to meet her friend Charlie. We're praying for a safe and healthy delivery. Can't wait to see pictures.

    xoxo, Sheena, Linda, and Charlotte